Security Cameras

Let's face with it, we all want to be safe when we're away from our house the question is how? Security cameras ranging from different designs and lenses can be a hassle. We think we can choose what's best for your home and business to be protected even on the go ranging from your tablet to your smartphone whereever you are in this world with internet connection.

Email Notifications 

Not only you can see your cameras at a ease from anywhere, but you can also be notified from either a group of cameras or individual cameras through email notifications through a secure connection. Everytime there is motion detected from a camera or group of cameras you instantly get an email to check on a camera.

Scheduled Recordings

One interesting feature the cameras we offer is that you can schedule them to record only in certain times or in motion. Which includes the Email Notifications feature so you can be aware what's going on while you are away. No need to dig through hours of recording to find out what happened, just find it easily with a click or tap.

DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System)

Having cameras in your home is just the start of having a secure home. A lot of people would like to know what's going on while they're outside of their home. With a DNS, you can achieve that. A DNS is like a webpage you can access wherever and view your security cameras.

Security Cameras Gallery