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Smart Homes

Smart Homes isn't just providing convenience for your home, but it helps you save energy and money for your home and business.

Home Entertainment

Experience theater quality setups and sound for your own personal home to gather all your friends for a movie night. Or even turn it up for a party.

IT Solutions

For your corporation and beyond. With our IT experts we can ensure a safe and reliable solution for your company.

Other Services We Offer

Just a few of our services for your home and business. 

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are necessary for all properties to ensure safety if there is a fire. With our experts we will be there to ensure your property is safe.

Security Cameras

With the ease of looking at your home or business from virtually anywhere in the world, security cameras can help feel more safe about your property.

CAD Drafting

Our experts draw and inspect each property to meet city guidelines that need to be met for your property.

Hear What Our Clients Say

"With Hemag, my home became more secure and efficient. They were excellent and everything was installed professionally. They provide great customer service and I highly recommend them."

Nilo Ventura


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New Alarm.com Thermostat!

At CES Unvieled, Alarm.com announced a new smarter thermostat that can help your home even more!